IMParty 5

What is IMParty?
This is the fifth time we are organising IMParty. It all started two and half years ago, when we decided it was time for a meeting between a few democrews in mid-sweden. As IMPartys has went by, it has grown a bit (but not too much) and since the last two IMPartys, there have also been international visitors.
IMParty is, by no means a demoparty like "Siliconvention" or "The Gathering". It's a place were computerfreaks like yourself join together for a nice weekend, where having fun is most important. That is, no evil deadlines to harass you. ;)

Where and when?
IMParty 5, will take place in Grangesberg, 15km south of Ludvika as the earlier times.

  • Starts: July 17, 1997 at 18.00.
  • Ends: July 20, 1997 at 16.00.

What to expect?
You can for sure expect to see this at IMParty 5;
  • Coding
    is a regularity by these dudes who are not completly superlazy (hey loke!).
  • Poker
    it's a joy for an eye to see evil/dhs skin the rest of the IMParty visitors.
  • Billiards
    if we're lucky. :)
  • Barbeque
    outside barbeque at summer, and loads of beer. Join the bugs (not binary ones for a change) and have loads of fun.
  • Photosessions
    scary photogallerys from Ham/IMP will be made as usual. To protect yourself, wear a leather mask or something (thinking about it, a leather mask isn't too smart, as TAM can get nasty ideas of that...)
  • Eating
    a half-decent pizzeria/kebab/burgerplace is located next to the partyplace, other shops are located approx 10 minutes (walking) from the partyplace.
  • IRCing
    nobody has beaten the IRC IMParty record of 24hours nonstop yet. It's held by Peylow/Toys.

How to find the partyplace?
Well, getting to IMParty sounds worse than it really is. The house is located near the "highway" and can easily be spotted from it. Grangesberg itself is located some 15km south of Ludvika. If you wish to get hold of a MAP over the partyplace, be sure to contact us asap (ways to contact us follows).

Map over the near surroundings of the partyplace:
Imparty 5 map

Contacing us!
  • 070-5850433 (Ajje)
  • 070-5850517 (Harri)
  • 070-5718622 (Robert)
  • 070-6438754 (Anders)